Practice Briefs


How do we effectively connect youth to new learning experiences? Hive Research Lab explored this problem of practice within the Hive NYC Learning Network, a community of informal educational organizations dedicated to supporting digital learning. In the network, we came to call this the ‘brokering problem,’ one that was oriented towards supporting long-term and interest-driven youth pathways that spanned multiple contexts.

Included in this page are a set of practice briefs developed through our collaborative work – short form resources describing practical approaches identified through research that support the process of connecting youth to opportunity through brokering.


PB#1: How Can Out-of-School Organizations Use Brokering to Support Youth Interest-driven Learning Pathways?

PB#2: Brokering in the Classroom: OST Partnerships with Schools to Connect Youth to Future Learning Opportunities

PB#3: Finding “Fit” When Connecting Youth to Future Learning Opportunities

PB#4: When Doing Good is Good for You: Brokering Future Learning Opportunities to Youth as a Bi-Directional Co-Learning Practice

PB#5: Internal Pathways: “Leveling Up” Youth within an Informal Learning Organization

PB#6: Brokering to Disrupt Power: How to Leverage Brokering Practices to Support Equity Outcomes

PB#7: Linking Youth to Professional Worlds through Informal Digital Learning Programs

PB#8: Not just a Teacher, also a Connector: Increasing Educator Brokering Orientation and Capacity

PB#9: Capstone as Stepping Stone: Leveraging End-of-Program Events for Pathway-Building

PB#10: An Equity-Orientation to Vetting Early Work-Placement Sites in Creative & Technology Industries

PB#11: Staying Connected: Organizational Approaches to Ongoing Youth Re-engagement